What Exactly Does Peg's Estate Sales Do?

To start, Peg will visit your home or residence and will walk through and review the contents and decide if the home has the amount to actually proceed with a sale. Now is the time for us to agree to our terms, sign a contract and set a date. For most sales, Peg (& crew) start working 7 to 10 days before the sale dates, depending on the amount of work to be done.

We bring in folding tables & tablecloths to display the small items to be sold. We unload cabinets, closets, and drawers. We have portable shelving and lockable showcases to be used when necessary. After displaying everything to be sold, we research and then price everything Pricing is based on our knowledge of the market-place over the last 20+ years, a reference library, and a network of individuals with expertise in specific areas.

We write and place all print ads, social media and flyers. Over the course of the sale days, we can usually sell 90-95% of items for sale. Items that are left can be donated to charity, retained by the owner, or discarded at the client's discretion. We usually have three-day sales (Friday-Sunday) depending on the size of the sale. The first day is full price, second day is 30% off and the third day is 50% off. Any item sold is documented with a receipt, so we have a record of everything that was sold from the home.

What Kinds of Things Do We Sell?

We can sell virtually anything that is legal and safe to be sold. Antique, contemporary, used furniture, collectibles, clothing, costume and fine jewelry. Art, appliances, tools, garden equip., cars and RVs, household items. You name it!

Who Uses Estate Sales Services?

Executors of an estate, people moving to a retirement/nursing home, out of state, or just downsizing. In fact, anyone who needs to sell most of their homes contents.

What Makes Us Unique

Peg Sarkisian provides exceptional attention to detail, with years of experience identifying and valuing antiques and collectibles. As well as creative solutions to clients with specialized needs. We have a crew of individuals who are knowledgeable in different areas of the antique and collectible fields, who also help set-up, organize, price and conduct our sales. We have additional staff for large sales. We do estate sales because we love what we do and care for very item we sell and every client we work with. We know the level of trust our clients place in us when they hire us for their estate sale. We pride ourselves on the respect and compassion that we conduct in our sales.

What We Offer

  • Peace of mind
  • Free Home Consultation
  • Servicing all of Northern Arizona
  • Professional advice based on experience
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Certified Appraiser C.A.G.A.
  • Clean up & staging
  • Pricing & display of all items
  • Research when necessary
  • On-line marketing, social media marketing, mailing lists
  • Professional crew & attire
  • No out of pocket expense for the client
  • Licensed and Bonded
  • 100% care, compassion and ethics
  • References upon request


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